Q: How come I’ve never seen your name on any trucks or ships anywhere?

A: We’re supply chain specialists that work behind the scenes- the brains behind the operations. We’re the strategists and coordinators behind companies’ supply chains, so what we’re good at is piecing all the moving parts together and making it flow. Anybody can move something from A to B- so what we do is partner with the best freight lines, and utilize the most efficient routes and distribution networks to get your product to your customers.

Q: Why don’t you own your own trucks, ships or planes?

A: By not owning our own vehicles, we don’t have the added costs of maintaining our own fleet and having the pressure of maxing out our shipping capacity. Instead, we partner with numerous airlines, shipping lines and trucking lines- ones that we trust and have had years of experience with. We’re able to keep our costs low and pass down the savings because we get great discounts with numerous freight lines.

Q: How are you any different from UPS, FedEx, or other major freight companies?

A: We actually utilize UPS and FedEx- and we get a great discount! They’re great at parcel delivery- for our e-commerce fulfillment service, we receive our clients’ online orders, fulfill them in our warehouses, and then we ship them out via the carrier of their choice- either USPS, UPS or FedEx.

Once you start looking at shipments with more weight and volume, such as container loads, truckloads, or pallets… a company like us gives you the advantage- in both price and customer service. You’ll have a dedicated account manager that guides you through the entire logistics process, helps you prepare all the necessary documents, and secures you the best rates.

Q: What’s the advantage of using WorldTrans to fulfill my orders vs Fulfillment by Amazon?

A: The FBA system is definitely easy to use, but you may be looking for more flexibility and scalability in your business. The WorldTrans Supply Chain Solution allows you to have more control of your supply chain, and we customize your operations and fulfillment process based on what you need. We’re even able to do product rework and kitting/assembly for you. Many of our clients are a lot happier warehousing and fulfilling with us because our rates are competitive, and they get a dedicated account manager that is always available to help. Whether you only sell 20 units/month or 200,000 units/month, we’re ready to warehouse and ship for you worldwide and give your customers the best shipping and handling rates.

Q: You mentioned product rework? What exactly do you do?

A: Sometimes our clients realize that there is a manufacturing error in their product, and need to get it fixed before they can ship it out. Instead of having to spend more money to send it back and get it fixed, we can potentially do it all for you right here! For example, we have a client that sells iPhone cases, and the case wasn’t letting in enough light for the light sensor on the phones. We assembled a white-glove rework team for our client, and fixed the 40,000 faulty units that we had on stock, and then repackaged it- like new!

Q: What shopping carts are you integrated with?

A: All the major ones- Shopify, Volusion, Magento, Ultracart, etc. Just let us know what you are currently using. If we’re not integrated, we’ll just talk with your programming guy to set up a connection. If you don’t have a shopping cart yet, we can build one for you!

Q: I read that you also have marketing services… are you also a marketing company?

A: When we say that we are an end-to-end supply chain solution, we aren’t kidding. Our clients love working with us, and often times they are in the beginning stages of building their company, and need some marketing help as well as supply chain assistance. We’ve done numerous marketing projects for our clients- from videos to web design to 360 product shots. We have our own dream marketing team in-house, equipped with web designers, graphic designers, videographers and animators.